“Nearly six months on and Pacha is a changed dog”

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A year ago things weren’t looking too good for Pacha. I took some comfort from the fact it wasn’t hip dysplasia, but severe arthritis in the hips and spine sounded almost as bad. She was depressed, miserable and in pain.

The vet said he could slow down the progression of the arthritis and make her a bit more comfortable if only I could find a swimming poolfor her, preferably heated, then he thought she might be able to exercise comfortably and keep her weight down – walks where very limited from now on.

After moths of searching and enquiring, the article appeared in the Chichester Observer. That Saturday, Dave and I scoured every inch of Siddlesham to find Therapaws – thank goodness we did!

Nearly six months on and Pacha is a changed dog. The vet has not felt the need to give her her injections on the last two visits – the swimming is the best medicine she can have. She is happy, playful and full of life and Saturday when she visits the pool is the best day of the week!


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