“Off we go to see Auntie Julie at Therapaws!”

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Yes, yes, it must be Wednesday – Mums getting the swimming bag ready, now let me see, have I got everything? Towel, clean collar, brush – yep, I think that’s the lot. Open the door Mum, get the car out Dad, off we go to see Auntie Julie at ‘Therapaws’.

I have weekly ‘private’ swimming lessons at ‘Therapaws’ – that lines goes down awfully well with the ‘Pooches’ at the local park, don’t you know! I tell the lads that I am in training – ‘Stamina Building’ to race them to the next tree. Oh, and of course there’s FiFi the Poodle – she’s panting over my new slimline figure, what a Physique! I think I am in with a chance there!!

But of course I am a natural at swimming, don’t you know – Oh yes. Us Labradors make excellent swimmers, I can manage the full 30 minutes non stop now, and Auntie Julie makes it great fun with toys and games. She even helps those doggies who haven’t quite perfected the art of ‘Doggie Paddle’ with specialised harnesses and life lines to help them along.

Mum and Dad seem to love it too, it’s quite a ‘Social Occasion’ – I’m trying to persuade them to take the plunge – maybe I’ll give them a ‘helpful nudge’ next week!!

Hope to see you there.


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